Hardwire Kit

Hardwire Kit

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The myGEKOgear hardwire kit is designed to help users hardwire in their dash cam to the car battery. With the dash cam hardwired in, it will be powered on 24/7 so users can monitor car even when the car’s battery is turned off.


  • Compatible with these myGEKOgear dash cams:

    Orbit 110, Orbit 120, Orbit 130, Orbit 510, Orbit 530, Orbit 550, Orbit 930, Orbit 950, Infiniview, Infiniview Lite, E100, P5001. When connected to the battery it will continually supply power even after the car is turned off.

  • 2. Low voltage protection function will detect when the battery voltage is getting too low and automatically switch off the device to guarantee that the vehicle will start normally.

  • 3. This product realizes the change of the automobile battery protection voltage by adjusting the step-down switch gear. Four gears are set for the input 12V/24V. The corresponding protection voltage is 11.8V, 12V, 12.2V, 12.4V/23.6V, 24V, 24.4V and 24.8V, respectively.Users can adjust the specific protection voltage according to their own power requirements. (due to the influence of components, equipment accuracy and wire voltage drop, there may be about 0.2V deviation in 12V gear and 0.4V deviation in 24V gear, but it does not affect the actual use.)


  • 4. When the car is in the state of ignition, the step-down line is always in working state; when the car is out of fire, if the battery voltage falls below the set protection voltage, it will automatically turn off after 100 s (+/-10s) to protect the battery.


    5. Products have reverse connection protection.

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