Smart Hardwire Kit

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This smart hardwire display kit is a 9.8 foot cable to make your life easier when hardwiring your dash cam to your car with the LCD display of the voltage and voltage settings. This kit will prevent the battery from being depleted when the dash cam is hardwired to the car.


- 12V - 48V: This can be installed in a compact car ranging to a large commercial vehicle. 

- DELAY LOW VOLTAGE PROTECTION: if low votage is detected and exceeds 6 minutes lower than set gear, power will immediately be cut off to save the batter

If the voltage rises above our low voltage setting gear range within 6 minutes (if set to 11.9V), it will not enter the low voltage protection and can continue to work; if the voltage exceeds 6 minutes remain low voltage at our set the gear range (if set to 11.9V), the low voltage protection will cut off the power supply and protect your car battery. 

- Compatible with myGEKOgear models: Orbit 110, Orbit 120, Orbit 130, Orbit 510, Orbit 530, Orbit 550, Orbit 930, Orbit 950, Orbit 960, E100, P500, and OwlScout.

Compatible with Papago models: GoSafe S780, GoSafe 810, GoSafe S20G, GoSafe S37, GoSafe 535, GoSafe 200, and GoSafe 230.