Cyclone O2 Filter

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The HEPA 13 Activated Carbon Filter is designed perfectly to work with the Cyclone O2 mini portable air purifier. This filter works in removing 99.99% microns in the air, leaving the space around you smelling clean and fresh.

- HEPA 13 Filter: A HEPA 13 filter captures small microns in the air cleaning 99.99%. This cleans smoke, dust, and pet dander.

- Activated Carbon Filter: This high efficency cleans odors in the air such as smoke, wildfires, and cooking smells, leaving the air around you smelling fresh and clean.

- 360° Cylindrical Filter: Using a 360° filter, this allows for the O2 to capture particles from every direction and push out surrounded air flow to clean all around.

- Convenient Filter Replacement: The filter needs no expert installation. The O2 device will flash a red light, indicating you need a new filter replacement. Touch the power button for 10 seconds and you can begin the process for a filter replacement.